In less than a year, Diane, a Beaumont Weight Control Center participant, lost more weight than she expected.

"Since I started the program in January, I have lost 80 pounds and I am going to go down just a little bit more because I like the fact that I feel so much better," she says. Diane is one of thousands of metro Detroiters who have benefited from the weight loss programs offered at Beaumont.

For more than 15 years, the team at the Beaumont Weight Control Center has helped people like Diane feel better and gain positive attitudes about eating and exercise that are essential for successful weight loss.


Jason Simons waited 10 years for the right diagnosis. To call it a cough is an understatement. In Jason’s words, it was “bone rattling.” He said, “There were times at work when I would have to stop what I was doing just to cough.” So, at age 26, after more than 10 years of treatment, including inhalers and pills, Jason found out his problem wasn’t allergies or asthma. It was reflux.

The Southfield resident was finally referred to Daniel Rontal, M.D., an otolaryngologist and co-director of Beaumont’s Center for Reflux
and Esophageal Cancer Prevention

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Dennis Lazorka remembers when he weighed 464.4 pounds, “I won’t forget that number. I was disgusted. I was in denial.”

He was not alone. His brother Mike, of Plymouth, also weighed over 400 pounds. In the spring of 2012, with their younger brother, Tom, dying of pancreatic cancer, Mike and Dennis offered to do anything to help his wife and family. Tom encouraged them to help themselves before making good on their promises and responded, “You need to get back down to your fighting weight.”

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One of Tom's final wishes was that his brothers would take a serious look at their weight. At the time, each weighed more than 400 pounds. Dennis and Mike explored different weight loss options and both ended up at Beaumont's Weight Control Center for bariatric surgery.

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If excess weight is your concern, you are not alone: more than two-thirds of all American adults are overweight or obese.

If you are trying to lose weight or just lead a healthier lifestyle, Beaumont has programs for you. Check out our online calendar for a medical weight loss or bariatric surgery seminar near you. Our registered dietitians also host nutrition and cooking classes almost every day of the week. Sign up for seminars or classes directly from the calendar.